• 3 Quick Ways to Channel Your Inner Fire Monkey
      Happy Lunar New Year! In Chinese and Tibetan tradition, the New Year begins the second new moon after the Solstice.  With the moon cycle starting anew in the innovative sign of Aquarius, that day is today! So here we are, on the threshold of this most auspicious year of the Fire Monkey. You don’t have to google what this lively muse means...
  • YOUR HIGH (VIBE) FIVE: The Sweet Necessity of Surrounding Yourself with Women Who See You.
    YOUR HIGH (VIBE) FIVE: The Sweet Necessity of Surrounding Yourself with Women Who See You.
      I sat within a lively circle of women last week and this thought came out like a lightning bolt into the conversation: “I wish I got paid for all the inner work I do.” I mean, really. What if every time I had a realization or painfully grounded truth integrated into the fabric of my being, someone ran over with a blank...
  • I was THIS close to dumping confetti all over Pennsylvania Avenue.
      A little story and then some exciting news. Four years ago I was sitting at a red light on 14th St and Pennsylvania Ave. Yes  - THE Pennsylvania Ave. I was a few blocks from my office and the sun had barely come up over the Federal Buildings. My morning commutes were always a mixed feeling of adventure and gloom for the...
  • More marvel, please.
      4:12 a.m.  My six year old slips into my room to give me a hug, waking me from a dream.  She wants to cuddle. My sleep is lost to a quickly stirring mind.  It’s Tuesday. What am I doing with this day God?  I flash to conversations from yesterday. Emails from last week. The mounting desire for this and that to fly into...
  • Can you let it all go?
      There I was, in my black Camaro convertible with canopies of trees whizzing above and bright yellow lines beneath. The Tennessee air hung thick even at 65 mph. Underneath my sun kissed skin, my emotions felt like the first day of college or the day I learned I had a baby growing in me. I was as powerful as I was vulnerable. The...
  • Who is the Lioness?
    What is it about the lioness? And why have I recently devoted myself to her regal ways? I invite you to join me for a few moments of divine revelation and personal discovery about the magic of the feminine. And then take it a little deeper. Here are a few questions to invoke the lioness wisdom within you. Where do I judge my strength?...