• I was THIS close to dumping confetti all over Pennsylvania Avenue.
      A little story and then some exciting news. Four years ago I was sitting at a red light on 14th St and Pennsylvania Ave. Yes  - THE Pennsylvania Ave. I was a few blocks from my office and the sun had barely come up over the Federal Buildings. My morning commutes were always a mixed feeling of adventure and gloom for the...
  • More marvel, please.
      4:12 a.m.  My six year old slips into my room to give me a hug, waking me from a dream.  She wants to cuddle. My sleep is lost to a quickly stirring mind.  It’s Tuesday. What am I doing with this day God?  I flash to conversations from yesterday. Emails from last week. The mounting desire for this and that to fly into...
  • Can you let it all go?
      There I was, in my black Camaro convertible with canopies of trees whizzing above and bright yellow lines beneath. The Tennessee air hung thick even at 65 mph. Underneath my sun kissed skin, my emotions felt like the first day of college or the day I learned I had a baby growing in me. I was as powerful as I was vulnerable. The...
  • Who is the Lioness?
    What is it about the lioness? And why have I recently devoted myself to her regal ways? I invite you to join me for a few moments of divine revelation and personal discovery about the magic of the feminine. And then take it a little deeper. Here are a few questions to invoke the lioness wisdom within you. Where do I judge my strength?...
  • Beautiful Things {with Katie Den Ouden}
      I’ve recently sensed that fun comes through alignment: searching ourselves, seeing what’s real, and then deciding to love every inch of it.  This choice allows us to throw our hands up at the mess, surrender to the experience, see it all as beautiful, and laugh (a lot more) at ourselves. Because, after all, joy is contagious, right? If you met Katie...
  • Self-Care is Wealth-Care (and other tips to thrive as a multi-passionate) with Kellie Adkins
      Paleontologist. That’s what the seven-year-old me told everyone who asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. And then I would spell it because I like being an expert on everything, especially big words. Then I became a grown-up in the swell of an online revolution where ideas came cheaper than tootsie rolls and transformation google searches would return 254...