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Get started on your journey into graceful transformation with a four-day virtual experience into the wonder that you are.


4 soul Questions to Declare your True I Am is complete with practical inspiration that shines a light on what’s true about who you are and why you are here.  You’ll get a new e-guide each day with writing prompts, audio meditations and creative encouragement that will take you deeper into your beautiful heart so you can more gracefully create a lifestyle of true, soul-level radiance!

Let the power of the question activate the story your soul wants to tell.

That is, by exploring the majesty of the question instead of seeking finite solutions, we enter into a sacred realm of power that’s beyond our human understanding.

But wait – what’s wrong with understanding things?  What’s the harm of wanting results or mapping out strategies for success?

Absolutely nothing—except when we conceive our identity around things that are outside of us. When “Who Am I?” becomes a perpetual question that leads us to read more books, attend more workshops, or idolize more people who seem wiser and more successful, we limit ourselves to mere glasses of water, constantly needing to be refilled.  The truth is that we are the entire ocean, unable to be emptied!

Questions herald a better way—a portal into the power of our own truth.

The more intimate we are with the miracle of our endlessness, the firmer we are in our purpose!  When we feel safe within our own unknown, we are free to live from presence rather than having to feel like we must arrive somewhere or carry any answers. Soul Questions are designed to move and mature you.  Instead of staying contained by the young, emergent energy of “Who Am I?, allow the activation power of these questions to expand you into the life-changing declaration of “Who I Am.”

Fill your life with this truth!

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“Tiffany has a gift of helping you recognize the gifts within yourself. In conversations and work that I have done with her, she’s helped me open up and become more confident of the person I know I am, however, sometimes have difficulty seeing for myself. She is truly a blessing to one who wished to expand and step into who they really are!”
Vidette Vanderweide, Host of the Reinvention Channel