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Your toes deserve some magic under them...

Photo: my royal red vintage Afghan rug scored from Kamrancarpets adorns my foyer floor. 

It may come as no surprise if you follow me around here, but I am passionate about the power of beauty, and by power, I mean the medicine of surrounding yourself with things that delight. There’s a high magic at work – something potent and undeniable that happens when our spaces are filled with tokens and treasures placed with meaning and intention.  

Sure, our homes reflect our psyches and what’s going on inside of us, but the reverse is also true. How we style our personal spaces can shift our reality – that writing nook or rug on the other side of your bed where your future lover will wake up can become magnets for the book or the love. This law of attraction can unfold quite wonderfully when we style our homes around the desires of our heart, so why not have fun with it?

Let’s start with floors. That’s what I want to showcase on the blog today and we’ll work our way up to walls and closets and ceilings in future posts. 😊

(Newsflash: my style is bold and bright. If you prefer neutrals, you may want to consider pairing your cream and gray with some of these below since color has a quickening effect, especially on the grounding space of a floor.)

There’s nothing more addicting to me than candy-colored textiles. I want to make them, wear them, hang them, walk on them every moment of my life. I can’t think of a more perfect way to add instant magic to a kitchen or foyer, or any better sensation than rolling out of bed and putting your bare toes on a plush, yummy colored rug.

I’ve curated this list below from a handful of Etsy sites. Everything you see is below $200 and vintage, which is for me FAR MORE preferred than polypropylene manufactured rugs though they are nice to look at. Even if you can add just a few vintage rugs in key places, they can go a long way in the character and #magiccarpet vibe in your home. Sorry though, these ones won’t take flight.

Here’s the lineup:

Magic Carpets under $50

Fair Trade Hand Printed Rug from merrymagpievintage 

I’m getting more into blue after walking around my house one day and getting dizzied by the amount of red.  Blue calms and cozies, so this would be great in a bathroom or under a reading nook chair. Price: $39

Vintage Kilim Accent Rug from JustynaMrugala

For those of you who want more red, this one’ll fire things up quite nicely! At 17″ wide (not including fringe) and 33″ long, it’s the perfect size for a pop of color under the sink or on the patio.  Price: $38

Turkish Anatolian Rug from aprilpillows 

The colors on this weave feel like a festival to me. Its smaller size would be great for layering over a natural jute rug. Price: $50

Upcycled Oval Boho Rug by RedGypsyBohemian

This beauty comes in a variety of colors and is WASHABLE so can be put in a high traffic area (like your foyer? Guest bath?) The oval shape gives it a collected, farmhouse vibe. Price: $48

Magic Carpets under $100

Bright Red Paisley Kilim Rug by VintageofUkraine

This reminds me of Swedish folk art and I feel like I’d want to pair it with white furniture and light wood accents. Whatever your room’s style, this is a sweet find at a sweet price. Price: $80

Handwoven Boho Decorative Rug by RugsTR

I feel like this is what Bilbo Baggins might have at his doorstep. The colors in this are very hobbity and fun. Price $90

Oushak Turkish Rug by RugsDesign

This might be what Bilbo would bring back if he pilgrimaged to Turkey instead of the Lonely Mountain. A wee rug for a wee space (like in front of the stove or under your favorite plants.) Price $80

Southwest Runner Rug by VintageStoryArt

The colors and shapes on this make me squeal! To warm up your hallway or bedside with a little southwest flavor. Price $92

Vintage Woven Straw Trivet Rug by simplychi

Who says you can’t put trivets on your floor? Especially when they are carpet-sized. I’m always looking for unique asymmetrical rugs, and the fact that this one is woven with straw makes it that much more wow. Price $60

Vintage Moroccan Boucherouite Rug by twogirlsandapug

Says the listing: “Found in a souk in Casablanca, Morocco, this vintage Boucherouite rug was hand-loomed by Berber women using recycled materials from old carpets.” This one comes with a story, and I personally love the V-shape pattern! Price: $172

Antique Turkish Kilim by RugsDesign

This magic carpet has some vroom. I’d love to style this with soft camel brown leather and brass accents. Price $180

Turkish Boho Kilim by VintageKilim

The pattern on this 49” x 31” rug is so sweet and would be perfect in a child’s room or bath. Price $140

Which one’s your favorite? Comment below and don’t forget to post your pics with #magiccarpetstyle so I can find you and see how you’re styling!

Until then — may our hearts be full and our floors be more fun!




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