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3 Quick Ways to Channel Your Inner Fire Monkey


Happy Lunar New Year!

In Chinese and Tibetan tradition, the New Year begins the second new moon after the Solstice.  With the moon cycle starting anew in the innovative sign of Aquarius, that day is today!

So here we are, on the threshold of this most auspicious year of the Fire Monkey.

You don’t have to google what this lively muse means for those of us on the path to awakening. These two words pretty much embody what’s in store for us: FIRE. MONKEY.

For me, that feels playful. Creative. Spontaneous. Impatient. Intense. And of course, passionate!

It’s easy to get excited about the idea of our unseen desires coming into fruition. And that’s exactly what this potential holds for us. For me personally, the past two years have been very internal. Yes, I’ve been birthing plenty of creations during this time. But they’ve all been bathed in the collective yang energy of wood – earthy, unformed, and growth-focused. Most of the time, my goals felt as though they were growing at the speed of a tree. Anyone else relate?

If you’ve been filling up your life with high-hearted intention, this is the year when it all comes to the surface. The fire element calls it forth, perhaps dramatically, especially with the clever, playful monkey leading the parade.

I’m personally thrilled at the energy bursting forth for us this year. As the creator of my reality, I am READY to move from the ‘pursuit’ of my desires into the pleasure of having them manifest!

Here’s a few fun ways you can celebrate this incoming energy and invite the fire power of the monkey into your life.

1. Make a wish!

It IS  a new moon after all, which happens to be a powerfully charged window for unleashing the requests of our heart. My suggestion? Add some fire to your wish! I’m personally doing this with a Chinese lantern ceremony tonight, but even writing a few power wishes down on paper and offering them to fire would be a sweet way to honor your desires and what this moment holds for you in your destiny path.

2. Dance.

This time of year can bring a lot of restless energy, even though the physical space may be stagnant. (Cabin fever is REAL! I can’t tell you how much I’m craving warm earth again.) My favorite way to move energy up and down my body is to put on music and boogey. I like strong bass to get my body pulsing. You might like disco. Try setting a timer during focused times and the top of every hour put on some tunes and groove for a few minutes before returning back to that spreadsheet or blog post!

{Got a playlist you want to share? Please do right on my FB page! I love suggestions for music. I feel like you’re right there dancing with me.}

3. Go out with your favorite, fiery people.

Fire is intense and passionate qi, so it loves social connection! Musing, reflecting, internalizing were all signs of the past two years working with that yang wood energy. This year, you may feel called to get out of your shell and connect with people of like-heart more than ever.

Starting tonight! Why not get some friends together for an impromptu celebration? A little food, a little laughter is the best way I can think of to channel our inner Fire Monkey and set the stage for our most exciting year yet!


With fire and magic, 




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