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3 style inspirations from the fiery rooster

Let’s take this year on a magic carpet…

I’m a New Year’s baby, so I really get into the extra reflective energy boost of January 1st. Everyone’s out buying planners and glue sticks for vision boards, clinking champagne glasses, talking about their word for the year, mapping out their next trip around the sun.

But this year was different for me. I did everything in my power to keep things really, really quiet. I’ve managed to streeeetch out the month of January to allow each day and feeling to unfold rather than penciling it all in my calendar with sticky notes and glitter pens. I’ve shuffled around my house, rearranged furniture, put a lot of holes in my wall to hang new art, bought flowers and cooked meals while all my thoughts played through my mind, mostly followed by the question: “and how do you FEEL about all of that?”

Lots of questions. Lots of feelings. Lots of evenings with olive oil and red wine.

And so here I am, early morning in my office, enjoying a sweeping crescendo of reflection, just a day away from the Lunar New Year with a new muse upon us (on Sunday, the Fire Monkey exits stage right and the Fire Rooster enters stage left.)

What did YOU receive from the past year’s uberly-intense monkey business?

For me, all that fire inspired an attitude more than anything else – a new outlook on my life and how I’m creating it, and that is:


Like the Fleetwood Mac song. Without the lover’s quarrel.

I’ve been chatting with some of you personally about the call for more self-leadership and clearer self-expression in the personal growth industry which has become *quite* saturated. There’s certainly no shortage of experts, programs and models for happier living. My sense is that the more gurus taking the stage only raises the bar for all of us to go within, listen to our own voice and find our own unique ways to shout and shimmy our soul magic. 

As the Fire Monkey takes a bow (I love you Monkey but you’ve got to go!), the Fire Rooster helps us do just that with a more grounded, self-led, hardworking and up-with-the-sun energy this year.

And the best part? He does it in style.

So whether you are sensitive to the energies of Monkeys and Roosters or just curiously amused, today’s post is packed with bright inspirations you can take to heart and home as you celebrate this Lunar New Year!

Style Inspiration #1: The Flamboyant Organizer

Sure, the Fire Rooster is colorful and feisty, but his magic is all about channeling that fire into real work and actualizing goals. My own workspace is currently WAY too noisy with receipts, journals, and home goods thrown everywhere from my rearranging parties this month, so I’m taking notes from this collection to streamline and still satisfy my addiction to fun-looking products.

1 | Striped paint cans with gold lids: Organization for your inner child. What can’t you put in here and have it look fun?

2 | Watercolor wall clock: Stay on-time with this artisan wall clock that looks more like a crystal ball hanging in your office.

3|  Metallic Gold Folio: Every flamboyant spirit needs more gold in their life… I’ll be using this one for receipts or recipes, I haven’t decided. 

4| Red Brocade Journal: I consistently have three journals going at one time: one for coffee time to jot down my day (an app can’t replace the feeling of literally crossing something off my list), one for writing down my dreams at night, and one in my purse that I keep for new ideas that come at red lights and the pick up line at school. This Chinese New Year-inspired-one will be added as #4 for… well I’ll create something I’m sure!

5| Feather Pens: Put your words to paper, stunningly. Imagine signing checks with these!

Style Inspiration #2: The Magical Home-Maker

I’m not talking about tying-on-an-apron home economics here. Making a home for ourselves and our family is one of the greatest works of art we can ever create – and we do it every day. Lucky us, rooster energy traditionally rules change and family life (er, chaos!) so this would be the year to get grounded in the kind of magic we want to create in our personal spaces.

My suggestion? Do an ‘energy sweep’ of your home and feel out the possibilities. Sure, there’s the obvious clutter in the corner and the laundry room might be taking over the hallway, but where are there spaces for magical connection that you may have missed before? Beyond the everyday mess, where’s that cozy nook for curled up book reading or rainy day dreaming? How can you transform your foyer to whoosh your guests and residents every time they walk in?  How can you let more light into your favorite room? Those would be a few places to start. Once you get a feel from your space, fill it with a few of these below!

1| Basil Essential Oil: I hereby declare the Year of the Rooster as the Year of Basil! Why’s that, you ask? Basil, especially through the form of pure essential oil, has powerful medicinal properties that help relieve tension and overall anxiety — something the ambitious energy of this year could partner quite beautifully with! I’m a big fan of doterra oils for a million reasons. Try diffusing it by your desk or bedside or apply to your neck after an hour or so on your laptop.

2| Fire Rooster Nesting Dolls! How adorable are these? Another set to geek out my current collection. And these ones are artisan — all the sweeter reason to put on your mantel.

3| Purple Kilim Rug: For your foyer, darling. Take your guests (and yourself!) on a magic carpet ride every time they/you walk through your front door.

4| Metallic Wine Glass Pen: Oh, the fun you could have with this pen! (Family friendly and otherwise.)

5|  Gladiolas: The official flower of the Year of the Rooster, says the Chinese Zodiac. These can add nice drama to a foyer or dining room table, when you’re not dining!

6| A Basil Candle: Because I’ve declared it’s the Year of Basil!

Style Inspiration #3: The Party Girl 

All work and no play is so last century. The new energies that’ve whooshed in invite us to embrace both, at the same time.  The proverbial love what you do, and do what you love is more than a fine-looking meme. To be with the magic and the mundane is the soul behind my own magic carpet life.

What does that even mean, you ask? For one, you can take your party girl persona to the dinner table with your family just as delightfully as you might a swanky cocktail bar. Or maybe find a bright vintage robe to wear around the house instead of your tired Pink sweatpants. Remember, the fire rooster is a fun trendsetter full of lofty causes, so how’s the perfect time to make magic and be in your beauty as lovebeams trail behind you.

1| Feather bib necklace: Made from peacock feathers, which is kind of like a rooster. Either way, this bib neckalce is a classy way to bring feathers to your outift.

2| Vintage Feather Pumps: These ones are vintage, but how fun to DIY with a pair of older pumps, some feathers from a craft store and hot glue?

3| Red Kimono: I just donated a bag of kimonos from my closet. I won’t tell you how many I still have hanging, but that’s because they are SO VERSATILE and feminine! Pair with jeans during the day or over a nightie for bedtime.

4| MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Dangerous: I haven’t tried this one yet so can’t personally vouch for it, but the fact that MAC has a whole cosmetic line devoted to the Year of the Rooster drives me wild. Go ahead, go for the red one.

5| MAC Cosmetics Blush in Dame: If red lipstick that’s called Dangerous is just too much to handle, try this sweet blush instead, from the same line.

6| Feather Bolero: I won’t lie – the one listed here is pricey. But you can venture to any Forever 21 or H&M and likely find a piece that rivals its glam-meets-cozy vibe. Plus, every one will want to hug you when you walk out of the house in this piece!

So which look is your fave? What are you currently doing/decorating/wearing to bring more magic into your mundane? Share below in the comments!




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