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9 Magical Gift Ideas for your Gorgeous Galentine

G-Day is the new V-Day...

It’s almost here, the lauded day of love in which we will all go crazy eating heart-shaped confections with way more red dye than we will for the whole year, then put on a bright lip and go out with our sweethearts.

Or, our girlfriends. Something I recently fell in love with was the notion of “Galentines” – which is now an official ‘thing’ for celebrating the sister-friends in your life who mean more to you than Netflix and dark chocolate. I personally embrace this with a lot of excitement this year, as 2016 was my most vibrant year of friendships. I literally cannot believe the beautiful people that have whooshed into my life since last Valentine’s Day. (If you’re reading this, I love you all so much!)

Since I’m all over the celebrating-the-women-in-your-life bandwagon, I thought I’d take a moment to post nine of my favorite pics for sweet (and affordable) gifts for your magical lady friends. 

So, here you are, in no particular order:

#1. Box of Chocolate Soaps by RINSE

Handmade in small batches by a magical mom named Heather who lives in Georgia and runs a family soap-making business with her husband.  This adorable box comes in four mouthwatering formulas: Amber Chocolate, Chocolate Bar, Fudge Brownie and Raspberry Drizzle. This may easily become a new favorite winter-time beauty ritual!

#2. Handmade Paper Notes by WorldMarket

photo courtesy of

These tiny scrolls remind me of this one time when I was at an event and there was a woman who spoke who was so breathtaking and inspiring that I wrote an anonymous note to her and dropped it in her purse when she wasn’t looking. It was on a napkin which was the only thing I could find in a pinch and I wish I had something so stylish as these little things. As for the note, I don’t know if she ever found it or if it was dumped out with receipts and gum wrappers, but I loved the experience of being a super-secret love note writer. Grab these for your friends or kids or whoever you want to love up on. They’re the perfect size for surprises!

#3. You are Totally Magical Pencils by thecarboncrusader

photo courtesy of thecarboncrusader at

I tend to fancy pencils over pens because I’m always changing my mind and can erase stuff. If you have a gal in your life who’s like that too, or just into chic office supplies or mint green ice cream, she’ll probably love these on her desk. Made with love by Yvy, a sassy etsy artisan.

#4. Selenite Wand Bundles by thisthatandthese

photo courtesy of thisthatandease on

This stone is just a wonderful one to gift—especially as a pocket size companion. I personally experience selenite as a high vibe stone and have a big ol’ one that hangs out in my foyer. How fun would it be to have a wand for you and a wand for your friend as a token of your magic together? Like friendship bracelets in the 80’s or cassette tapes in the 90’s. (Where did all my cassette tapes go??)

#5. Raw Crystal Wine Stopper in Rose Quartz by NewMoonBeginnings

photo courtesy of newmoonbeginnings on

According to the product details: “Recently, select wineries and professional sommeliers have rediscovered the ancient tradition of enhancing their wine with crystals.”

Whaat? #asifIneededareason. Here’s what you do this Valentine’s Day: show up at your best girl’s house with rose quartz-charged wine. Sip. Open heart chakra. Celebrate all things lovely and right with the world.

#6. Oracle Cards by Ciro Marchetti

photo courtesy of pinterest

This visionary artist has a few decks, so whichever one you choose, the art is so fantastic. Every card makes me feel the same way I did when watching Labyrinth/anything David Bowie as a child — intrigued, enchanted, whimsical.  For the friend in your life who has a few of the more popular oracle decks and might appreciate adding this visually stunning one in her collection.

#7. Soul Fury: Rumi and Shams Tabriz on Friendship

Because Rumi! Also, mystical poetry is often times so much more enlightening than the Facebook feed in the morning.

#8. “Love” Ayurvedic Candle by Danielle LaPorte

photo courtesy of

It’s so hard to find clean-burning candles, yet alone ones that align with ayurvedic magic. No matter what dosha your lady friend is, this will do wonders for her heart energy with geranium, bergamot, and jatamansi. Thanks Danielle!

#9. A Magic Carpet Ride by ME!

photo courtesy of pinterest

Oh, you haven’t had one yet? Well get one for yourself first, then you’ll know why your friends will want one too. These 30 minute sessions (done over the phone) are designed to help you manifest your inner magic into your real life by taking a soul-tingling trip into your imagination. You know, like we used to do when we were kids and magic was REAL!

And now, I’d love to know, when it comes to your Galentine(s), what are you most grateful for? How will you be celebrating friendship this Valentine’s Day? Share below in the comments! 


Here’s to making everyday a lovefest, 





Me and this fabulous waymaker, Rachel Sizemore on her Ripen podcast.

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This book, on your kitchen shelf

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