Live your magic.

A dash of ordinary, a strike of wonder and the holy space between.


Trees and I, we have this thing.

They sing, I listen. They shake their leaves. I whisper back tiny thank you’s from my heart for each one.

Sunrises too. I think it’s because I never know how the light is going to mingle with the water in the air, or just how long I have before the neon pink turns to soft yellow and eventually, bright blue.

I guess you could say that I like to personify beautiful things. It’s what I do. I feel the exchange of energy flowing through the colors, the shapes, the movements, and as I live out my somewhat-ordinary life, my great calling is to keep my eyes and my heart open to hear the music, the rhythm underneath the surface of everyday things.

When I walk the dogs. Make breakfast for my kids. Invoice. Move my body. Love my man.

Same stuff, but inside of all of it hangs this anticipation of stumbling upon a new universe, every single time.

The potential for discovery is all very exciting.

Like jazz music. If you know Miles Davis, you might’ve heard his quote about the space between the notes. He said it’s not where they start, but where they stop. Right there, in that pause—in the wait—is a miraculous invitation to let go, loosen our tight grip on the-way-things-should-be, and give in to the higher gift of the moment… to leap through the veil and feel heaven.

I know this all sounds like a very enlightened and lovely way to live, but the truth is, it’s hard.

More times than not, life can feel more like hard metal than jazz. It’s hard to make out the notes, yet alone the spaces between them.  For those us on the spiritual path, it’s even harder. Here we are, listening to these higher dimensional notes, discerning different frequencies, and learning to love ourselves at an accelerated rate while at the same time trying not to spontaneously combust all over our kitchens.

Talk about a light show.

So while I don’t have a suggestion to ultimately resolve this felt tension between the heaven and earth energies right now, I can offer a golden nugget from my own personal experience — think of it as a way to make jazz.

It has everything to do with those trees and sunsets and whatever else moves your heart to press pause when you see, feel, or hear it. For example: an impromptu slow dance when your love walks through the door, a 3-day vacation from social media, a full day of work from outside on the deck, or a stargazing adventure/make-out session in the back of a pickup truck.

(Ooh. I just added that one to my personal list as I typed it.)

I’m talking about novelty. Newness. Creative syncopation of our “meh” routines so that we can replace exhaustion/doubt/confusion with expansive feeling of a place we’ve never been or something we’ve never felt before.

Because here’s the thing: 

pink tweet  I believe the energetics of wonderment are profoundly underrated.

In our productive culture, we crave the experience of moving forward like a cup of coffee in the morning. Full steam ahead! True North! Onward and upward! But the vibration of wonder is more like a ride in Willy Wonka’s glass elevator: it moves us from side to side, all around, through the orbit of our expectations into an encounter with our goodness, with God inside of us.

The question might be, how can we create more glass elevator experiences while still getting real stuff done?

Or, how can we get stuff done with more joy and wonder?  

Isn’t that what it’s all about? To vibrate in sync with the universe while marveling at our human capacity to be in the shit and the beauty? 

To take a ride in the glass elevator without passing out or losing heart?

Here’s a few stellar suggestions to start inviting this into your life:

:: Think about the last time saw something so beautiful you cried or the time you sat still enough in nature to could hear the blades of grass dancing in the breeze. Just the act of remembering will spark nostalgia and that sweet feeling will ripple out into the ethers. This kind of magic has more effect on your energy than you can see.

:: Work some novelty into your real life. Take some ideas from above. There is so much research about how the brain loves to be stimulated with fresh, new experiences – but don’t just read books about it. Immerse your energy in it by getting brave with your ideas.

What else? Tell me your ideas below!


All my heart, 



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