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A Giraffe Named Doit (and Other Mischief)

Have you met your Inner-Trickster?

Once upon a time on a Sunday morning, I was walking (briskly and fairy-like) around a lake in Denver with a friend who makes me feel like the 4th of July – you know, fun, bright, chilled-out and giddy. Those of you who have a friend like this are familiar with the twists and turns one might encounter on a walk in which the perfectly ordinary becomes supremely magical. (This is, of course, the whole point and the reason why you leave the house early on a Sunday morning.)

About halfway in, we walked along a stretch of homes that smiled at the water. They were interesting and lovely homes, some with mid-century architecture and others with an undefined, three-story modern style that this town is striving so hard to create. One of them had bikes for sale lining the front fence, which was painted red. I must have been 100 yards away, but I can spot a proper yard sale from 100 yards farther – so, we crossed the street and made our descent.

On the other side of the funky, Zen-licious gate, I met a curiously large ceramic giraffe who may have well been alive because I swear it said through the corner of its curled mouth: “Psst. Hey you! I’ve been waiting for you. You can take me home with you now.”

After chatting with the owner, I discovered that this vintage marvel happened to be in her home for over fifty years, and before that, it was with a young family in New York and a four-year-old who used to ride on its back so heroically that his mother had to peel him off it. The boy would cry, flail his arms and point to the giraffe while screaming “Doit!” (As in, “I want to dooooo it!”) And that’s how the giraffe was named.

Me and Doit on our car ride home.

The woman tossed me her price (which was modest considering her love for that thing) and after continuing my walk, I hit up the ATM and brought Doit home with me like a new kid, strapped in the backseat. Once I pulled in my driveway, I left it there in the backseat for a day and then the front yard for another just so that the neighbors would talk. On the third day, I carried Doit inside, googled “giraffe totem”, learned some cool things, and then created my own reason for bringing this fun, random creature into my life:


Mischief is a masterful energetic. It loosens our grip on a black-and-white reality and invites us to consider instead the wildly playful dimensions of our soul… and our intrinsic urge to shake things up

Mischief is the outer-expression of my inner-trickster — cold hands under my husband’s shirt, disco balls in the dining room, a prom dress to the grocery store, early 90’s hip-hop while I’m weeding the flower bed. It’s also relinquishing control of the growth process and letting it be messy, scattered, imperfect… and being able to belly-laugh about it.

I know people who are one with their inner-trickster. Most days, I am not.  I mean, I have a very mischievous style—I love the element of surprise and am constantly pairing weird things with fancy things. China dolls and palm-reading maps, crystal balls and amethysts all have a playful place on my shelves and bedsides. When I’m with my friends and community, I LOVE to incite things and challenge the status-quo…

And yet interestingly, my energy field when I’m in my home is focused, intentional, serious and industrious. I’m deep in my thoughts and my to-do lists. I get annoyed by loud noises and practical jokes. I make breakfast, do laundry, pay bills, kiss foreheads, return emails, water flowers, scrub toilets, take kids to practice, and do it all over again the next day. As long as there’s no disturbance to the peace, all is well. But I want my home to feel like a playground—not my seventh-grade study hall (shout out to Mrs. Warnecke!)—so I need the tomfoolery of the Trickster to keep in the joyful flow of real life.

One way to bring that into the practical is by simply having a conversation with our own personal trickster. Opening the lines of communication can uncover beliefs and hang-ups we have around this energetic, plus offer enlightenment with all the new ways our soul wants to play.

For your mischievous enjoyment, here’s an audio I recorded to do just that. It’s a bit of a magic carpet ride, so find a still place and let your soul take the lead. Whatever comes up, wherever it takes you, trust it, and most of all – have fun with it!


To more enlightened mischief!



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  • Michele Fawcett
    Posted at 19:35h, 08 July Reply

    Last night I dreamt we were all back in Cali and then today I get your email 🙂 I read this and I couldn’t believe how aligned it is for where I am. I am in the process of reinventing my home and I noticed exactly what you said-how serious my home felt and how I want to infuse fun, love and excitement into the walls and floors. Even if just in bits and spots. Cannot wait to listen to the audio *hugs*

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