Today, I’m serving up for you an enchanted practice that you can use as soon as you start your day to raise your vibrations and feel more powerful in what you want to create.

One of the core beliefs I have as a creator of my own reality is that life is always happening FOR me, not TO me, according to how I’m feeling. I like to call that place of how I’m feeling my set point, where everything else flows out of.

That’s why I personally take as much time as I need the first thing in my day to make sure I’m on my magic carpet, buzzing with high-flying feelings before I open up my email or tend to any life stuff..

This practice I’m sharing with you today is one of those tools I use to get me there, and it’s inspired from my theater days! Tune in and turn up the fun… and don’t forget to subscribe for more high-vibe inspiration every week!

Love & Magic,

The Magic of Clothes and Loving Yourself As Much As Your Dog Does.