TIFFANY JOSEPHS is a personal mentor and tour guide to divine potential for “magic-makers and earth-shakers” –  her way of describing the curiously shiny souls in the world who are bringing who they are into where they are and want to have more fun doing it. Her clients include spiritual seekers, personality-test junkies, and inner-child types who identify with growing up too fast and want to feel more magical in the crazy world of adulting.

ABOUT MAGICCARPETLIFE.COM Tiffany’s creation, Magic Carpet Life, is playground of discovery for modern men & women who want to connect to their own unique essence and create a life that feels like a magic carpet ride.




I launched this work in 2012 but my fascination with mixing magic and design started in 1987 when I styled my first shelf. My dad put it together for my growing rock collection and I put it right by my bed so that each night, I would climb up to the top bunk and tuck them in, stacking them in different order, sometimes by color, sometimes by hardness. (Fool’s gold was my fave. Wasn’t it everybody’s?) Now, I had friends (I’m pretty sure) but I often liked rocks more than people and had a curious habit of finding ways to escape the world and find magical ones through mirrors like Alice did (and the Hugga Bunch if you are a child of the 80’s and remember them) and mostly went through life feeling like I was from another planet.

Eventually, I grew up and became a minister, a marketer, a manager, and a mother. One morning, I awoke on my birthday (which is New Year’s Day) and couldn’t shake a dream from the night before. In it, I remembered my stone-talking, mirror-walking skills and in a moment that stretched over two or so years, came back to my obsession with an enchanted earth.

The crazy thing is that during that time, I was a working mom with very young babes, consulting at a high-end agency in D.C. and had NO IDEA how to embrace my woo abilities (which were growing louder every minute) yet alone create something useful in the world with them. I had heard of this thing called an online business but was terrified of what my husband might think because (1) we had a mortgage and a real life in the ‘burbs and here I was considering how to make money with magic carpet rides and (2) if I was really, really myself with no holding back on the magic would he still love and accept me?

Turns out, he’s pretty magical himself and together we’ve woven some miracles in our 17 year marriage and my time writing + designing. I call my work Magic Carpet Life because it really is like that, terrifying and thrilling in the midst of mundane things like laundry, getting home from soccer practice and figuring out what to make for dinner.

This site has had many faces in the 6+ years it’s been around. My business has grown into a full-scale mentoring company, which feels a long way from daydreaming in my cubicle and looking to my horoscopes to plan my great escape.

So that’s me in a few paragraphs or so. I hope you follow me around and enjoy what you find here. May it inspire you create a life you feel at home in, spaces you love to walk into, and most importantly, a higher expression of yourself!

To a magical mundane — 



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To live in a world where magic thrives in the everyday.


To enchant the magic within everyone I meet so they can express their soul gifts more powerfully and create a lifestyle of excited curiosity.



Awe is the feeling of openness to the Divine and the worthiness of that vibration. I want everything I take in and put out in the world to inspire this sensation for the greater good.


Beauty awakens the soul to act. It initiates and excites possibilities where before there was less faith in them. When others have an experience with beauty, they tap into their divine potential and they want to keep coming to the well.


Creativity is pure soul expression. It is, in its highest form, unjudged energy; therefore, it is pure genius when it is given permission to flow. I want more of this force in my life and I want to incite more of it into every soul I work with.


Deep down is where the diamonds are. Rarely are they found inches beneath the surface. Magic Carpet Life is a company founded on personal growth brave discovery and spiritual refinement. I’m not in this for the high – I’m in this for the transformation. My clients and partners must align with this as well.


Imagination is everything! It’s where our inner child + true self reigns and we respect him/her as our loudest muse. In the realm of imagination, we have pure faith. We belong to God. We create without fear. We listen to our souls with complete non-judgment. From imagination, we add value to the real world and can create entirely new realities in effortless, surprising ways.


Everything about success is accessing who we are in the soul realm and bringing that into our human experience. Discovery is how we do that. We call it a magic carpet ride, because it is indeed full of the wondrous peaks and the most terrifying valleys. So long as we agree to the experience and bring along plenty of unconditional love, our souls promise enchantment and deliver the entertainment of a lifetime!


As soul beings having a human experience, we are meant to open doors. We are designed to ask questions, to explore, to doubt and to believe. But we cannot do any of what we’re meant to do if we are not open. We surround ourselves with those who can open doors for us when we’re too afraid to know what’s on the other side. As open souls, we accept and receive all the aspects of the life we are creating.

A few more fun facts: 

I take butter in my coffee. It’s that crazy paleo thing.

I’m an ENFP, Catalyst, Cap sun/Cancer moon and a New Year’s Baby. So, yes. I’m uber-wired to start things.

I think the sexiest thing about my husband is that he never, ever quits.

I’ve designed my own kind of style. I call it classy gypsy. It’s like how Jackie O would dress and decorate her home if she were born into a caravan of fairy people.

On that note, I don’t own anything beige.

My favorite place on the planet is Sedona. I’m a teary-eyed superhuman whenever I’m there.

I do a mean Ellen Greene/Audrey impression from Little Shop.

My go-to person for spiritual advice is my 8 year old daughter. She is the most enchanting person I know, and also the most honest.

On my altar: my black obsidian, an abalone shell, my grandmother’s copper bowl, a vintage emerald green passport wallet, prayers I write down for my family and friends. Or you, if you’d like me to. Just send me a note here and tell me, what do you want more than anything in your life right now?

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