Rediscover your genius.

What would it look like if creativity, infinite potential, and personal discovery were a part of your company’s value system? That is the discovery we’re about to make, together.

About  Tiffany

Corporate coach. Team building & facilitation expert. Evangelist of what’s easy & fun.

I’ve always been curious about human potential & obsessed with the way people get things done at work. From my role as a consultant for government agencies and rapidly-growing IT companies, to coaching executive clients, this question became clear:

what’s the secret sauce to unlocking our highest potential as creators of our work experience? 

I believe that answer has everything to do with our emotional connection to the values that guide who we are – as individuals and as companies. When we commit to this level of playful discovery, our work is transformed into a magic carpet ride of purpose and joy.

Why not design our cultures like this?


I bring a fierce intention to elevate the emotional awareness of your workplace, excite your people, and ensure that your employees don’t react to managers of chaos so they can more easily innovate with joy.  With a background as a change expert, leadership coach and project manager, I can help your team align business goals with personal genius so you can take action without the strain that usually comes with innovation. We can do this.

You should also know…

  • I’m an ENFP, so according to my Myers-Briggs, I can change the world with just an idea. Oh, and I’m also an Enneagram Type 7, a true Enthusiast with insurmountable energy to compel personal change and professional growth.
  • I was born on New Year’s Day, which pretty much means I’m wired to be an activator and self-starter.
  • I live for traveling. My latest adventure will be watercoloring in Ikaria, Greece this spring.
  • My greatest work of art is creating a life with my family. My home is everything.
  • I paint, sing mezzo soprano, teach children Shakespeare, style homes, and have (at latest count) 12 pairs of red shoes.  

What is F.U.N.?

F.U.N. = Feeling Unlimited Now

It’s my signature process for making work fun again and helping companies experience a high-performing workplace culture.

After all, creativity is intelligence having fun. Right? (Thanks, Einstein.)

Learn more about my processes.

Leadership presence is the rare ability to project power and sensitivity and Tiffany exudes both.

Ron Ross – Executive & Leadership Coach

To know and work with Tiffany Josephs is to know talent, dedication, professionalism, authenticity and the epitome of effective leadership. Tiffany would be a huge asset to any team or organization smart enough to hire her.

Mark Botros – Principal, CALIBRE Systems, Inc.

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