Live your magic.


The day I craved ice cream on a hot dog bun, I found out I was going to be a mother. I floated out of work to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test with my hand on my chest and my heart in my stomach. I had taken dozens of those tests—each one, a false alarm. That day was different. I felt everything deeply – the sun, the steering wheel, the teenage boy behind the checkout, the people next to me at the red lights. Then, that extra line. Two lines on the plastic stick brought me to my knees.

Fear came to visit me today.

It showed up in an early morning dream and woke me suddenly, leaving me in a hazy shock. Because of this dream, I’ve been going about my day feeling deeply into a new personality of fear. It’s hard to describe it, but it moves through me with a strange rhythm of intention and mischief. In one moment, I’m comforted by fear’s presence. I see its purpose in my dream and marvel at what it has revealed about my waking life. But mostly? I feel disrupted and terrified of its implication.