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I was curled up in bed last weekend, zombified from losing an hour of sleep, and something caught my eye that I hadn’t seen before. There on my bathroom wall (which I can see from my bedroom) a feather, a candy dish and a ram’s head came to life in the morning light. The colors formed this alliance of high magic, whipping up the sweetest visual elixir to my sleepy brain.

(Isn’t that funny, how light makes something that’s been there the whole time suddenly look brand new?)

This happens a lot for me. I call them ‘color moments’ – a crack in time and space when a higher dimensional kind of beauty pours into an otherwise ordinary place. I don’t know exactly why or how it works on a cognitive level. All I know is I am transformed by color. It moves my soul and makes me feel lucky to be human so I can play in a world full of it.

I’m feeling pretty romantic today, so if I may go so far as to say that color can heal the world when it’s taken in like this, intentionally with our senses and consistently in our spaces. When we can receive beauty, we are simply more alive and can you imagine more of that goodness in our schools and supermarkets?

That’s why I decided to create a whole series dedicated to my rendevous with color. I’m calling it the Color Parade because it’s a celebration of hues and palettes you can try out in your space to ultimately create your own hallelujah moments so the world can be a brighter place and we can all join hands and dance the Proud Mary. (Context: someday I’m going to create a Tina Turner flash mob at Union Station here in Denver. If you know someone who can help me pull that together, let me know.)

Our very first line-up in the Color Parade is cobalt, cream and copper. This was the elixir in the candy dish and feathers, and of course, after that morning I started noticing it everywhere. I think color works like that, as a soulful messenger. When our bodies are lit up by a certain color or palette, it’s good to pay attention to why. For me, the blue and copper ground me and soothe my crazy frazzled energy. For you, this color elixir may feel different. It might remind you of a summer cottage or your trip to Europe when you were 18.

If this Color Parade palette speaks to you, don’t worry about how to use it in your space just yet. Allow yourself to be enchanted by it and you’ll start noticing it pop up in random places (like I did in this article in O Magazine which might cost me thousands of dollars someday because now all I can think about is this tile in my bathroom.)

Also, while vacuuming yesterday it was brought to my attention that this palette is already going strong in my bedroom with my copper nightstand and blue headboard. (I’d like to add a dark wood wall behind it to ground the white. What do you think? #futurepost)

And then this morning, the sun must have known I’d be writing about this because when it came up over the park it made my kilim tablecloth glow with the palette. The cobalt, copper and cream colors are subtle here, but felt, no?

What about you? How does this color palette affect you? Where do you think it can ignite what you’re wanting to create in your life? In your closet? Bedroom? Reading nook?

Here’s the line-up again:

Tell me below in the comments or share your own “color moment” in Instagram using the hashtag #colorparade!


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