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Here at Magic Carpet Headquarters, we’re holiday-obsessed.

Not in the ugly-Christmas-sweater-fad sort of way (they even sell them in my grocery store now, geesh!) but more in the candle lighting, Bing playing, oven roasting kind of magic that this time of year brings.

Lovely picture, yes?

Be sure to add to that a healthy dollop of calendar stress, anxiety about the New Year, and a seasonal existential crisis to the frosted-window-pane scene and you get a more realistic picture.

Thing is, I get really really romantic about this season. It drives my maximalist tendencies wild. The jewel tone colors, holiday movies, and overall potential for beauty EVERYWHERE makes me want fill it with the bestest, brightest, merriest moments possible! (Cue the perfect eggnog recipe and Clark Griswold smile.)

And guess where I feel it the dearest? In my BODY.

Sure, all the wonder makes me warm and feelin’ in love. But my beautiful, multi-tasking, magic-making body goes into a lot of flight or fight with all the running (and feeling!) that happens this time of year. That’s why my magic carpet invitation to you, dear readers, is to indulge your body with one simply delicious ritual involving chocolate, peppermint and sugar…

You know, the three essentials for merry-making.





— 1 cup brown sugar

— ⅓ cup fractionated oil

— 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

— 8-10 drops peppermint pure essential oil

— A pretty glass container with a lid (I personally love the classic look of a mason jar with a pretty ribbon.)



Mix the brown sugar and chocolate powder together in a bowl and then slooowly drizzle the fractionated coconut oil while mixing.  Add enough oil to get a good consistency…but not too oily.  Add your essential oil(s) drops and swirl together again. Makes about 1 cup. 



Make the application special. Don’t just Mr. Miyagi this in the shower (scrub on, scrub off. Please add The Karate Kid to your holiday watch list if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Add music, light some candles, lock the door from the kiddos or dogs. In the running water or bath, start with your fingers and work your way up to your wrists, your elbows, polishing your wintery skin cells, always moving towards the heart. Notice how you feel. Speak love to yourself, give grace to yourself, send forgiveness where it’s needed and especially this: thank your AMAZING body for all it does.

This very simple ritual will go a very long way in easing tension and preparing your emotional body to do what it’s meant to do: feel, release, grow, and shine!


Merry Christmas darlings!


With love & magic,








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