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Dancing on the White House Lawn and the Courage to Be Myself

It's time for Episode 2 of the Magic Carpet Life Podcast!

It’s so easy to fall into the belief that life is happening to us

That somewhere, someone else is writing the script and we’re moving through it all with luck and circumstance.

But what if we could imagine ourselves as the writer, director AND leading role in the story of our lifetime?

Today I’m back on my couch to share with you a bit of my story and my own journey to stepping out on the stage of life.

Tune in as I share:

The day I woke up seeing auras and energy fields in boardrooms full of burned-out federal employees.

At the height of my restlessness, I worked a gig as a trainer and change-management consultant for a high-end agency in DC. Remember that scene in Ghostbusters when the magic of the Babylonian-Dark-God Zuul burst over NYC in rainbow-colored lightbeams? Yeah, it was like that except over GoTo Meeting and Powerpoint.

Our brave decision to move out of DC and pursue a new life in Denver…

Which was pure desire. We had no logical reason to leave our jobs and pack up our Mazda for a cross country move. It just felt like the next thing to do.

My terror around what my Jesus-loving husband would think about my clairvoyant visions and psychic awakenings.

At what point do I tell him that I see dead people? Okay, maybe not like the kid from sixth sense, but I did have wild apparitions flying around me in Target which was like, such a different conversation over dinner than talking about traffic or Romans 8:28 (it’s a beautiful verse about God working for us, no matter what. Especially when your wife becomes the Oracle lady.)

How fantasy helped open me to my intuitive powers and allowed me to be more playful amidst the intensity.

You’ll have to tune in for this one. I share a story about a dance party that started one morning on Pennsylvania Avenue and how the White House lit up like a disco ball.

The #1 secret I learned from my awakening.

This whole business of awakening to myself and becoming less afraid of my light meant that I needed to energetically FEEL the truth of who I was. FEELING IT was important: It wasn’t enough for me to do mental exercises or read every book out there about everything I wanted to know.

It ain’t easy.

Living a magic carpet life — a life that’s created from the ultimate expression of who we are — is not always flying through rose gardens and waterfalls and waving to the fairies along the way.

TWEET IT: True creative power is less about thrills and more about range, the higher up we go, the lower we’ll need to also go to ground and anchor the lesson.  

So, if you’re on your own magic carpet ride and are nodding your head to this story because you’re feeling the resonance in your own life, I want to know:

What’s your big whoosh in this conversation?

How will you bring this into your life today?

Leave a comment below!


To love & awakening,



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