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Feelin’ Good with Amanda Testa and Jen Ibanez

Introducing a whole new way to create a Magic Carpet Life...

I’m on my couch with two of my besties in this first episode of Magic Carpet Life, the Podcast.

I invited them over to dance, giggle and ask juicy questions about why we make excuses, numbing out, feeling curiosity in our body and why pleasure is still a cultural taboo.

Not only are these two of my favorite people on the planet because of the insanely delightful friends they are to me, they’re also Jedi-Priestesses in their fields.

Amanda Testa, owner of Find Your Feminine Fire, is a sex, love and relationship coach who’s known for her 3+ hour pleasure trips (lengthy self-practice is part of the course curriculum from her teacher, Layla Martin!) AND she’s married with a 5-year-old. Jen Ibanez is Denver’s darling firestarter, running her own experiential wellness company, Surrender in the City and is a mama herself to a magical teenage daughter (who, by the way, I believe is secretly a Fairy Queen.)

This conversation will whoosh you. Tune in to get activated and learn more about:

The feminine magic of dropping into the moment 5:00

How can we be truly present in the here and now, and not want to be anywhere else? Amanda dishes on her secrets to living a pleasurable life in every kind of moment.

Holding the hurt instead of denying it. 13:00

Jen shares about pain being ‘seeds’ to our brightest light — and how to nurture our discomfort so that we can learn from its lesson without being overwhelmed by its story.

Feeling curiosity in your body and getting amplified with other people. 16:45

Where do you feel curiosity in your body? We step into full divine feminine magic by being body aware together.

How to “resource” to diffuse negativity and light up your emotional body. 19:58

For those of you who might not work or live in a supportive environment, Amanda shares a powerful method to immediately transform your space from meh to marvelous.

A better way to look at numbing. 24:57

Is what you are consuming or doing enhancing or agitating whatever you are feeling? Jen calls it conscious discernment. I call it pure magic.




Now, I’d love to hear from you. 

1.  What whooshed you from our conversation? What topic most lit you up with possibility?

2.  What area of your life (home life? career? relationships?) is craving the most amount of pleasure and surrender?

Share your thoughts below in the comments!

See you next week on episode #2…



PS. This is the very first episode of the Magic Carpet Life Show, which is also a podcast on itunes + soundclound. If you enjoyed it, come over and subscribe, rate, and review + by all means, share with your tribe of magic-makers! 

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