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Self-discovery & style go together like unicorns and glitter...

I recently finished a year-long adventure into the wild and wonderful social impact of my business with the fabulous consultancy, Sovenco. (If you’re in Denver, give them a shout!)

We dug DEEEEP into the inner workings of why I do what I do and how I can align my purpose with my work and shift culture at the same time. It was hard, you know? To scan across the vast ocean of my passions, my life story, and decide on ONE cause to rule them all. (Ahem, Tolkien fans.)

In the end, it was a grand finale of explosive awareness in the middle of a conference room. Something that is REAL and BURNING in my soul has ignited and I can’t wait to share it, design it, invite it, and celebrate it with all of you, when the time is right.

All that said, I now have the task to start talking about my discovery and publishing it for goodness sake. I’ve been renovating my inner world (like that ever stops) but lately it’s felt like lightning speed and things like my about page, services and products can’t keep up ‘cause I’m also at soccer practice and making dinner and trying to nurture my divine feminine energy in the same God-given day.

Deep breath.

And I love it. I love, love, love the wild pace, the turning of corners and seeing something that was there the whole time, the hunt and the find. I love the creative power of service – of feeling something in my soul and bringing enough love to it that it grows into action and ultimately, influence.

The very first week of my social impact journey with Sovenco, I grabbed a copy of Simon Sinek’s Start with Why. With a white board in front of me and a purple marker in hand, I whittled my life purpose into twenty-four words — twenty-four words!  I worried I might be missing something since Jerry McGuire had pages and pages for his and mine could fit on a Post-It. But I kept checking in with it and every time, the words grew louder and more certain.

Those words, my big why, my shiny life purpose goes like this:

“I shine my light with all my heart so that other’s may see their inner God and more easily create a lifestyle of enchantment.”

{Insert applause.}

Now, I’ve written this stuff before. Like, a lot. But this time, there’s a maturity to it and I celebrate that, even if it does make me feel older when I think about the journey to GET to those twenty-four words. That’s the thing about life purposes. They aren’t at the end of a yellow brick road, they are the road themselves, with danger in one step and joy in the next.

So how does this apply to style, which is becoming a greater intention in my writings here?

I’ve come to believe that style is simply a playground for the soul, which is always spiraling in creative genius. We become these fleshy, floppy humans with the ability to hurt and to harden, but at the same time, we have this light-show going on inside of us and an overwhelming potential for beauty. Some have an easier time expressing it, but for some of us, we get stuck in rules and the stories that we’re not creative or as good as so-and-so is with wearing red lipstick or hanging a gallery wall. 

Those stories are real. It’s ridiculously easy to feel not enough in this world. That’s why it’s SO HEALING to adorn our spaces with colors and visuals that reflect our inner world, that spark curiosity and that invite our souls to play. On a personal level, I want my work to be a channel for that, I want to be an oracle for that. (I’m actually playing with the title of “style oracle” and embracing how much I love to bring my intuitive gifts into other’s style. You likey?)

If you’re doing the inner work and you know your personality type, star chart, dosha and everything else possible but your living space doesn’t quite reflect your secret sauce, how do you get there?

If I may, here are a few things to take to heart:

#1. That core desired feelings thing works especially well with styling.

Whimsy is big for me (obvi!) so when I saw this rainbow-woven rhino at Homegoods while burning time between meetings, it made me actually laugh out loud and I knew it had to hang somewhere in close proximity to a favorite quote. My rule is that if you love something and it makes you feel happy, you can always find a place for it in your home or closet — even if you have no idea where!

#2. Style is a process.

Just like purpose. You walk the yellow brick road and you keep adding to it; every single lesson is a layer that adds to the vibrancy of your soul’s expression. Allow the layers to emerge as you do. The most magically styled spaces are a blend of meaning and intention, which takes patience! I’m always ALWAYS working on this. I’m more like Veruca Salt when it comes to my spaces: I want it now!

#3. Find your why. Then watch it start appearing in your space.

When you’re aligned, a funny thing happens. Quantum physics has a lot to say about what happens when you clear space (like heal old wounds, speak forgiveness where it’s needed and bring more self-love into your energy field.) As you work the inside, you simultaneously make room in your outer world to be filled with the higher stuff. My purpose is all about self-expression, being a mirror for other’s light, and inspiring an enchanted lifestyle. It’s fun to see how my twenty-four word statement reveals itself as I walk around my space.

What about you? Do you have a purpose statement or a loose version of one? How do you see that manifest in your space? Remember, our homes reflect our psyche, and inner clarity is the greatest kind of spring cleaning, so share in the comments below!




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