Fly the Carpet

I’m Tiffany Josephs and I want to be your tour guide into an enchanted realm where everything is possible…


Where your story-as-of-today takes an astonishing turn towards more happiness, confidence & freedom like you’ve never felt before…


All you need to do to get started is to select one real-life moment below.


Tune into your heart and read through the six provided scenarios. Select the moment you MOST want to return to, right now. Don’t think about why you want to– we’re going for impulse here. It’s likely the one that makes your heart ache at the thought of being there again, of reliving that scene in all its glory.


(Of course, all of them may apply. But for now, just choose one.)


Ready? Here we go: what moment do you most want to return to?

That time I took a total risk, when I did something out of
character that turned out to be thrilling and life changing.
Life was full of adventure.

The time I got a glimpse of my personal genius. I was so in
the zone, I surprised myself with what I could actually do.
Life was electrifying.

The time I felt like I was floating down the river of life,
completely surrendered to my circumstances.
Life was easy and supportive.

The time I was completely enchanted by my inner child and I
felt I could do anything. Life was colorful and full of wonder.

The time I fell in love with myself/my work/my life and was
swept away by the beauty of everything. Life was a miracle.

The time I overcame the fears inside myself and felt stronger
and more alive than I ever had before. Life was a crisis that I
had resolved.


Your imagination is just the beginning! See you on the other side….