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How to Give a Proper Blessing

I’ve noticed a beautiful pattern in my dreams lately.

While I sleep, I’ve been traveling back to some of the ugliest places in my life. Places of secrets. Faces of judgment. In these scenes, I find myself completely present. I’m standing, waiting, listening, and feeling deeply. Amidst the shadowy emotions of those in the dream, I am not afraid. Sometimes, it’s my words that change the room. Other times, I silently kneel to those who are the loudest and look into their eyes, or put my forehead against theirs. As I meet them where they are, I can feel a great swell of love wash over us. In an instant, tears are shed and truth is seen.

These powerful dreams have changed me. I wake up softer. I feel raw, like I’ve shed my skin while sleeping. As I roll into my day, I swim into a deeper awareness of others. Each exchange, whether with my children or a total stranger, seems more intimate and enjoyable.

A desire that is deeper than I can understand is growing within me. As I move through my life, I want to connect to others as genuinely as I did in these dreams. I want to feel the expanse of the contrast. I want to worship in the bliss of meeting in the middle, where love is.

Here’s the truth that’s unfolding for me:

A blessing is just as much about receiving as it is giving.

If I listen closely, I can hear that my heart is constantly pouring out love. The source is endless and immense! Divine love is always looking for a container to be held in, to be received. As it does, it fills completely and to overflowing. I don’t have to concentrate on being a vessel for love to flow. When I stand in my presence like I did in my dreams, it moves where it is most desired.

I cannot help but bless my home, my loves, my wants and joys when I am connected to how easily love moves and how thirsty our hearts are to be held. As I’ve opened my mouth to speak or let holy words flow to a loved one through a note, I’ve been richly blessed in return. There’s something so nourishing about letting love flow from me with reckless abandon. Instead of thinking ‘is this too much?’ or ‘am I too vulnerable here?’, I just open and let love work its magic.

We are here to dance with one another in love’s great delight! Without stewing about what to say or how to bring it, just show up today, ready to sway with another soul. When you do, you create heaven on earth. You draw beauty and the most extraordinary experiences into your life, even in the most unlikely places!

I am so happy to be in this with you!

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