Live your magic.

How to set your table for magic (and add more love & intention to your holiday.)


Tables are magical.

Long or round, wooden or glass (or plastic if you’re the lucky one at the kids table) they perform an act so simple yet earth-shakingly powerful…

Tables bring us together.

This week, we’ll sit. Feast. Reflect and revel in the reason we’re all here—to see ourselves in one another, to savor our senses, and to enjoy life.

So why not set the table for such a high act of magic?

Whether you’re hosting or bringing the wine, I’ve got a few quick + simple ideas that’ll help you create  an unforgettable gathering (no matter who you’re sharing it with this holiday!)



Ah, the alchemy of a table full of food to bring people together in one place. Families can be complicated, but setting the space for love and connection can become your magic wand that you wave over whatever story you’re all (literally) bringing to the table.

img_2770The power of nostalgia is legit. If you’re hosting, try decorating your table with your favorite memories to elevate the conversation beyond politics or break the silence if your family is not the talkative type. I love scrolling through my Instagram feed or taking pics of favorite photos and printing them out with basic computer paper (simple, square images can have big impact!) Spread them out on your table in between plates or use them as place cards if the person is in it (the funniest photo wins an extra slice of pie.)

Invite your family members to tell a story about the picture, or to share their own memory of their favorite Thanksgiving. If your family isn’t the touchy-feely type, keep it light. Most embarrassing moments? That time you tried to sneak back into the house at 2am and your NRA dad thought you were an intruder? (Yes that really happened. I’m thankful he recognized my voice!)

Another beautiful way to wave that magic wand of nostalgia? Set up a separate table with candles and photos of loved ones who have passed. Have the family patriarch or matriarch tell stories to the younger ones about where they come from and celebrate the family legacy. (There’s a special magic to honoring the elders of the family who are still here on earth and teaching the little ones how to ask questions and be curious about where they come from!)




an amethyst here, a lapis there. photo courtesy of pinterest

Friends and feasting go together like pumpkin and pie. Chances are, you’re able to choose who’s coming to this table and dissolving years of tension or breaking the ice aren’t needed on the menu — so why not go a little more woo? Introducing crystals or other gifts from Mother Earth make for a meaningful table display. No need to spend money though – why not go through your personal collection (or go frolicking in your front yard)  and choose a special stone for each guest? Agate and flat stones also make for gorgeous place cards. Just get a metallic or bold-colored Sharpie paint marker and write their name on the rock. They can take them home and use them as paperweights or mementos of your love and friendship.


agate place cards? yes please! photo courtesy of pinterest

If you’re feeling more artistic – have some fun with sacred geometry. Scour online images and choose some gorgeous mandala art that you can make into placemats or pops of color under candlelight. You can also go into any kind of store and pick up a mandala coloring book (you probably have one already lying around the house.) Color your guests happy with something made with love they can take home and put on their fridge!





get the little ones to gobble with gratitude. photo courtesy of pinterest

As the little guests arrive, get out the Crayola’s and blank sheets of paper to have them make their own special placemats. Ask them to draw what they’re most thankful for (and if you have them around the house, add buttons, feathers and stickers to keep ‘em busy while the adults get cozy.)

If you’re feeling a little crafty, organize a treasure hunt to gather some pinecones from outside (or pick up some of the yummy cinnamon ones from the craft store.) Pinecones make great turkeys! They can write out their gratitude on strips of colored paper for the feathers, add a few eyes and a beak with some household glue and voila! Festive placeholders charged with the magic of thankfulness.



Have friends coming over for (more) pie and port after the feast? Post-turkey is a perfect time for casual fun (and maybe some light therapy, depending on who you spent the day with!)

If you know who’s stopping by, take a few moments the night before to prepare each friend a handwritten note. This simple act brings such high vibes to both of you and may be just the thing they need after a long day of drama or general chaos.

Think of a few games ahead of time that’ll brighten the night. Question games? Cards? For me this year, I might even set the dessert table with a few canvases and paint so guests can sip and connect over color. (Just make sure the kids have their own art table to eliminate the crazy!)


So how about you? What kind of magic will you be making this Thanksgiving? Who’re you bringing to the table? Share below and keep the inspiration flowing!


Fun and magic,




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