Live your magic.

I was THIS close to dumping confetti all over Pennsylvania Avenue.


A little story and then some exciting news.

Four years ago I was sitting at a red light on 14th St and Pennsylvania Ave.

Yes  – THE Pennsylvania Ave.

I was a few blocks from my office and the sun had barely come up over the Federal Buildings.

My morning commutes were always a mixed feeling of adventure and gloom for the day that lay ahead—impossible parking, bad lighting, change control boards, god-awful gossip, operating agreements, retired army generals and disgruntled government employees… all waiting for my arrival.

I sat at that red light—my favorite red light in town—and savored the silence of my car. To my right stood the White House in all of its power and wow-ness. Just like in the movies, but with barricades and homeless people sleeping in the park outside of its gates.

To my left, dozens of professionals wearing grey and navy suits, shuffling along the sidewalks and thumbing through their Blackberries.

Everything felt so serious. So colorless.

Suddenly, I was overcome with an urge to turn the whole scene upside down. I was bored, restless and ready for the new life that was calling for me. I was done putting out fires all the time, playing politics, being the ‘quiet professional’, being anything less than me.   

I wanted the colors that I’d locked up inside of me to explode all over my life, making beauty out of all the rules and rigid spaces.

And then it all unfolded as if it were really happening:

Woman A stands at the street corner keeping to herself with her earbuds and gray pencil skirt. Suddenly, she looks up from her phone and begins to tap dance and twirl around the pedestrian pole like Ginger Rogers.

Woman B walks across the street spinning her blazer around her head, laughing like a schoolgirl.

Man A at does the robot at the bus stop while Man B across the way throws off his leather crossover bag and starts breakdancing in the middle of 14th Ave.

Somewhere on the White House lawn, a Kool and the Gang concert starts up and a crowd starts to gather. People pour out of buildings and there’s flashing lights and the smell of food trucks and kettle corn.

Drivers get out and start dancing on the hoods of their cars.

The homeless people clap their hands.

And then, my light turns green.

Just like that, I was back in my car driving behind black sedans and Priuses. But everything was different. I felt joy and the readiness of my soul to create action from that feeling.

No more hiding. No more apologizing for who I was.

My reality had changed – I had changed my reality.

One year from that day of my imaginary White House street party, I started my own business. It began with the feeling I had at that stoplight. I wanted to see soul-level growth as a potential party, not a funeral.

I wanted to help people throw off the heaviness of beliefs and “how it all should be” and twirl around or breakdance instead.

Today it grows stronger—my mission to see pure experience trump knowledge. To hear less about what book you are reading and more about how you feel when the sky turns hot pink and the last time you slow danced.

I’m relentless with this. In my own life and now, my business.

It’s why I’m creating a brand new offering that guides you into the beautiful, wonderful, marvelous magic of your soul.

Because I believe there are truths of you yet to be unleashed that’ll make the world want to dance on the hoods of their cars.

Because I’ve worked so very hard to let it all out in my own life and I’m going to show you how you can too. Practically. Powerfully.  

The official launch is in a few weeks, but for now I’m inviting close friends (and those of you reading this!) to play along.

If you’d like a little taste of this before it’s launched to the world, go here and RSVP. I’ll send you back a special gift that’ll illuminate your soul’s talent + destiny.

I call it the Magic Formula. But I’m getting ahead of myself. It’ll make more sense when click here and get your free gift!

Stay tuned. I love you!


YOUR HIGH (VIBE) FIVE: The Sweet Necessity of Surrounding Yourself with Women Who See You.
More marvel, please.
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