Want to style your life with more (and more) joy?

It’s easier than you may think. Sure, you’ve got deadlines and divas you’ve got to handle while there’s still daylight, but part of being the luminous pioneer that you are is showing the world a new way to walk through the chaos like you own it.

Missed your appointment, again? No sweat! Said yes way too many times last week? Chalk it up to a life lesson, learned. Still waiting on the call back from Oprah’s people? You’re already perfect and changing the world from your silky bath robe!

So there.

You see, something amazing happened between the day you were born and today. As you’ve been shifting and emerging into your butterfly wings, so have the rules on this gorgeous planet. I know, I know… you won’t find it on the news, but you will in your heart.

Things are just getting a lot more… lovelier.

More and more women are fluttering into joy instead of fading out into their fears. Getting stuck isn’t even as issue—there’s too much support around us for that.

My honest take? Our greatest challenge is loving ourselves enough to stay in the new rhythm of love that’s pulsating all over this sacred sphere we call home.  There’s still tabloids + sickness + terrorists to keep us distracted enough to forget the truth of what’s being unveiled within us.

Glory. Wonder. Breath-taking Beauty. Instantaneous Awakening. Everlasting Joy.

These are the real ingredients of the Universe. These are the building blocks of your DNA.

Can you feel that whooshing going on all around you? It’s the electric truth of your awesomeness charging you as you enter into these sweet words!

Let’s allow the hard edges of life melt into our brazen perspective. Let’s smile more, worry less, and soften the world with our grounded beauty.

It starts in this moment. Take a deep breath and exhale a giant YES to who you’ve come here to be!


Shine on lady luminary,





p.s. it takes a little practice and soulful routine to help us to stay in this kind of magic and love, and I’m creating a little somethin’ somethin’ next Tuesday, September 23 to help you rise to the occasion.  If you’ve got one hour, I’ve got adventure for you! Will you flutter on over here and join me?

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