Awaken your magic.

Let’s Get Closer

Lavished. Unrestrained. Bestowed. Sumptuous.

What effect do these words have on you as you read them, one by one?

At the moment, I think of a dining experience I had where I bought a lacy black dress (not even on sale!) to go with the five courses and posh venue. My husband and I weren’t looking for an excuse to splurge, we just knew that it would light the fires and be a fantastic experience together. Though we were out of our usual element—our children were still babies at the time so we weren’t really in the ‘going out’ phase of our relationship—we felt completely at home in our mutual desire to receive generously. We were feasting on more than just gourmet cuisine and fine wine. Through our pleasurable celebration of excess, we were returning to something deeper within.

Cosmic love is extravagant.

If we were to let our soul memories simmer, we would remember the time when we danced about with the colors of creation (like those in my Genesis Meditation!) and were marvelously at home with our perfection. Separateness was the farthest thing from our radiant beings! However, because our souls want to experience love at every level, we come into these bodies, these tender vehicles that are most of the time awkwardly trying to reconcile the space between the holiness and the hurting. We start out incredibly vulnerable, and then we get really good at finding ways to believe that we’re not.

In this dance of being fully alive, we each have our stories of falling and rising. If we’ve explored the glory of where we come from and who we are, the drama of these stories nourish us rather than weaken. They are the pillars of strength to the backdrop of our Now.

You want to know my favorite part about being human? It’s that I get to find the meaning of my own story in yours.

When I let you see me, feel me, and know me, treasures are recovered that were once lost. I remember what connection feels like, in that time before time. Magic returns. I see once again how all of creation is pouring out love for my pure enjoyment.

In this new age of new rules, we have never been closer to each other.

Opportunities for soul connections are happening all around us. Walls of separation that we once thought were needed have been crumbled by the strength of our heartsongs. We’ve set ourselves free by our desire to be one again!

I invite you to consecrate time to simply remember today. As you do, grab your favorite person and do some soul gazing into each other’s eyes. Let them see what you see. And in turn, let them take your breath away!

Thank you, Fear!
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