Awaken your magic.

Love is Rising


I took some time to feel each of you today. It was a magical experience in the stillness of my home, before the sun began to rise.

Like many of you, I am making new music with my life. I’m sold out, wide eyed, and overflowing with a brazen heart song that’s been stirring since before I can remember.

For many years, I could feel it on the horizon. As I worked a boardroom or pounded numbers into a spreadsheet, I could see glimpses of how my life would look when my days would be filled with salacious purpose. The kind of day that would start with lighting a candle and pour out my open heart to the whole world. The feeling that I would get when I’d stand in the presence of someone who just heard their soul speak for the first time. A day filled with wonder. A life filled with meaning.

Wherever you are in the adventure of life, remember these words:

It makes no difference where you are or what you do for a living, but how you offer yourself to the life you’re creating.

You can be in a cubicle or a crane. You can have ten children or a hundred great-grandchildren. Your soul presence is your offering, and the world is ever-so-grateful when they can feel your heart.




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