Magic Carpet Rides

You are a creative force of cosmic proportion.


It’s true! If you had special 3D glasses and could see yourself moving throughout your day, you’d see this force as kaleidoscopic frequencies whizzing around you…


calling you out of the rut of responsibility and the teeny-tiny thinking/feeling/living that comes along with being a grown up…


into a brighter real world that reflects your technicolor soul.



I want to help you remember all the things you knew about yourself before you heard the word “impossible” or “too much”.



You see, I master in the realms of much and I’m here to take you on a magic carpet ride to experience the magnificence of your inner world so you can give yourself a break from the resistance and feel more joy in your real life.


When you book a private session with me, your soul gets to kick, spin, leap and boogie on the dance floor of the imaginary realm. It’s here that I bring my intuitive gifts to see and navigate your inner child’s desires, and together, we create your Land of Enchantment.



Wait—what’s a Land of Enchantment?



If you haven’t taken a FREE RIDE to discover which Land your soul wants to travel to, do that here first!


Then, once you’ve downloaded your free audio and are ready to fly further into your magic through an exclusive session with me, simply decide how long you want the discovery to be and book your spot here:





Your imagination is just the beginning — see you soon!






“Whatever magic you helped me unlock is incredible. The universe keeps bringing me gifts left and right. And they’re perfect.”

— Sarabeth B.



You’ve brought so many new stars into my life. I can’t believe how big the universe feels right now. Full of possibilities.

— Amanda T.



Right after our magic carpet ride, I got an email of a windfall opportunity that was beyond anything I could have asked for. Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised!

— Mary P.



I learned that I can pull magic out of anything, and that I can ask for signs and moments from the universe in a light and exciting way rather than a painful and delving way.”

— Sonja 



Just going on this trip took me outside my dimensions.

— Megan T.



Being with Tiffany is like a really healthy acid trip.

— Erika L.



You are pure magic!

— Whitney F. 



You whooshed in and made the deep stuff FUN. I feel more empowered, and that has changed EVERYTHING.

— Nicole 



Working with you electrified my next level of growth. I know my soul and my purpose on a whole new level now. And we had a TON OF FUN making it happen!

— Rachel S.



You are my earth angel and soul guide.

— Adrian S.