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On Riding the Frequency of Certainty

It’s Valentine’s Day! Today, thousands of homemade cards will be sketched with tiny fingers and billions of candy hearts will be devoured. In my house tonight, love’ll look like a huge lasagna and a thirty-dollar bottle of wine.

Thing is, I’ve never made lasagna before.

Love makes a person ambitious like that. (You’ll have to follow me here and see how I do!)

Love also led me to create this video for you.

I’ve been talking a lot about magic carpet riding and finding your destiny. But how does a gal do that in a fog of doubt? When emotions are heavy and the body is stressed and discovering a hot bath sounds way better than any kind of inner work?

The truth is, if you have a dream and you KNOW you’re worthy of it, you’ll want to hear this.

If you have a calling to create a life that loves you back and fills you to overflowing, you’ll want to hear this.

If you long to receive more of the goodness you know you’re meant to receive, you’ll want to hear this.

If you want to lead.

If you want to learn.

If you want to blaze hearts.

If you want to embody a queen–

You’ll want to hear this.

So press play, and enjoy!





PS. Ask your Valentine the power question today. Give them some magic carpet lovin’!

PPS. Know someone who’s looking to ride the frequency of certainty? Forward this to them! They might even share their candy hearts with you.



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