Ah, life.

Sometimes forceful, sometimes frail, always dynamic.

As a woman with great vision, I marvel at how quickly things transform and renew when I commit to seeing through the eyes of my heart.

Note the word: commit.

I’m tired today. My mental engine ain’t easily slowing down and I have so much to do. My sleep has been sporadic, my rhythms have been jolts and crashes with little in between.

This is perhaps the deepest movement of my life. Can you feel it too?       

But when I go within, my heart shows me a different scene than the blustery winds of the current energy landscape. I feel full. Alive. Supported. Grounded. Perfect and okay. All the happenings and soul lessons become flowers to enjoy instead of weeds that need to be pulled.

It’s there amongst the flowers that I ask myself: why do I feel like I need to do everything so damn fast all the time?

I mean, really?

As divine creators in the dawning of the most magnificent spiritual renaissance ever on earth, it’s hard not to feel the urgency. But if you’re reading this, you’re already aware that you’ve come here for more than just a dash – you’re here for the long haul, honey.  All this frenzied energy and deep soul change is strengthening the muscles for your own unique mastery.

pink tweet That’s why our heart energy is our most trusted source of fuel through these wild and crazy times where everything is being made new.

Think about that for a moment. We are all taking our first steps into a whole new world. So much is unpaved. So much uncertain. Even more is undefined, because we are the pavers and the certainty and the ones defining the new ways of love.

No wonder I’m tired!

So here’s my advice. Take a nice rest today. Feel how far you’ve actually come to get to this moment. Stop and smell those flowers of your soul evolution. Don’t they smell amazing?

You are beautiful, every part of you.




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