Awaken your magic.




I’ve got something even better.


If you’re a passionate, wide-eyed woman with a fire in your heart and a destiny that feels brighter than the sun, this is your lucky day.


I’ve got an alternative to the trendy, fly-by-night spirituality that’s taking over the world.


You know the kind I’m talking about, right? Where advice comes sexy & cheap and an encounter with God feels more like a one night stand than something you can build your life upon.


The kind that gets you feeling fierce and high but you can’t remember why once the event is over or the book is back on the shelf.


When it comes to self-help these days, there’s a zillion of those highs to choose from. You do the book club, create your signature product or land a career your great-grandchildren will be proud of, and even hire the happiest experts to walk you through it all.


But then real life comes in for a reprise (with a cosmic 2×4) and it’s a long, hard go to get back to that feeling you had before the breakup, the fledgling business (or the successful one that’s burning you out), the lost dream of how it was supposed to all happen.


If this is your story or even a close cousin to it, I want you to know: I’m glad you’re here! There’s nothing wrong with you, and I’m going to tell you why.


I don’t believe transformation should be packaged and sold in bulk like ramen noodles at Costco.


Every human being’s growth experience is deeply unique and entirely sacred. (When you’re going into the jungle, you need more than a template or a list of questions to get to the other side.)


That’s why I’m here to offer something different. Something more… magical.


You see, I’m an intuitive life designer/personal growth consultant/ordained minister that’s anything but ordinary.


I can promise you that everything I teach, I live.


And while there are no shortcuts to discovery of self, there is a magic formula that is exclusively yours– like a treasure map your soul has set into place for the time in your life when what used to work doesn’t work anymore.


That’s where my personal approach to life design comes in.


I deeply believe that our lives are meant to be palettes for unspeakable beauty—and my artistry is about bringing that kind of heaven into form.


Whether that’s your business, your romantic partnership, your relationship with your body or your home life, I show you how to bring the truth of who you are into everything you’re creating.





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