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Taking off the Mask with Beauty Shaman, Suzanne Blons

My interview with a former Revlon Charlie Girl

I first saw Suzanne Blons in a high school auditorium outside of Detroit when I was 19 or so. I watched her float down the aisleway of a church service and take her seat in the front of the podium where her best friend’s then-husband was preaching. I don’t remember what the sermon was about or even if it was fall or spring or Christmas time.  Her presence made my world stand still for a moment, and all I could think about is how I wanted to know her story… and maybe find myself in it.

Friends—the best kind of them—are activators.  Suzanne’s magnetic pull was so strong for me as she sat in the front of that auditorium because I sensed, even then in the depths of my undiscovered soul, that we had some sort of work to do together, and that someday the attraction would all make sense.

I am grateful that connection has grown into a shared awakening experience and an etheric wonderland of discovery whenever we get together.

(Spend an hour with this woman and you’ll see what I mean about the magnetic pull!)

I’m making that easy for you as we sit for an hour on the couch and chat about being church ladies, her upcoming tell-all memoir, her international modeling career, and more.

In this episode you’ll hear:

Suzanne’s secret sauce to writing her memoir. 4:50

We dish on how she rewrote her book three times and hired a writing coach who directed her to a braided narrative structure, which ultimately brought the story into full its genius.

The mayhem of being an international model at the age of 16. 8:13

Wealthy Italian playboys. Check. Armored cars and bodyguards. Check check. 

Why she got out of modeling and hitting burnout after shooting the Revlon Charlie Girl ad. 12:02

A move to London, an English degree and a 15-year leading role in a charismatic church.

Her karmic trophies.  14:06

The best of her soul lessons and what’s she’s most grateful for. 

The awakening story. 18:24

Getting whopped in the head with a fairy wand and finding her field of dreams in the middle of Singapore. 

What happened in her body when she thought about leaving life as she knew it. 21:22

Feeling the bottom drop out and realizing “if I walk out on this, I’m back to square one”. 

The secret desire of writing her book and her neurotic passion of writing. 21:15

How her book would not let her go and how knowing your why is necessary to sorting things out.

The birth of Beauty Shaman and her divine download inspired by psychic Cyndi Dale. 27:32

The day Cyndi Dale was in her makeup chair and brought it all together.

Loving yourself and self-esteem 29:00

Her personal process which involves rainbow pools, ruby blankets and 20 spoken “I love you’s” in the mirror. 

Being a mom of two teenage daughters and how they experienced her awakening. 33:33

Her daughter’s experience of coming out. Openness to exploration and holding space for our kids to be their true selves. 

What’s in a beauty shaman’s purse? 41:53

Tune in to hear Suzanne’s picks for beauty brands. (Including Truth Serum, Retinol, and Truth Balm by Ben Fuchs.)

So now I’d love to know: where are you on your awakening journey and how has this conversation inspired you to take off the mask and be yourself in your everyday magic-making?

Comment below and share your magic!


To more of your amazingness,

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