What would it look like

if infinite potential, creativity, and personal discovery were a part of your company’s value system?

Team building

Team building, facilitation and speaking for brands ready to fly high.

You’re looking for that thing that will lead to real change & creativity in your workplace. But wherever you look, those old-fashioned models of productivity (the ones that tell you to strive and put your nose to the grindstone and then maybe you’ll have some success at work) are all you see. Truthfully? There’s more to life than pleasing your boss or placating corporate systems.

In the new way of doing things, there’s no room for circus masters when there are magicians, everywhere, with something to contribute but no outlet for creativity at work. Let’s change that.

The workplace should be an expander of happiness, an incubator of purpose, and fountain of impact.


Your team is at a crossroads: they need to solve a problem but can’t come together to make it happen. I’ll guide your people through a common goal so you can be a high-flying team that aligns purpose and values with an everyday practice that does wonders.

Team Building

Elevate your team’s creativity through team building that encourages collaboration and moves beyond outdated models of productivity. I’ll boost the collective energy of your team and make the workplace an incubator for happiness & purpose.

Transform your workplace culture with an impactful seminar. I’ll bring a fierce intention to help your team align business goals with personal genius so your team can take action without the strain that usually comes with innovation.

What is FUN?

FUN = Feeling Unlimited Now

It’s my signature process for making work fun again and helping companies experience a high-performing workplace culture.

After all, creativity is intelligence having fun. Right? (Thanks, Einstein.)

When we work together, you’ll also learn about

The magic formula of a high-flying team,

why + how = WOW


the core assumptions your team needs to truly innovate & make work fun again.