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The Magic of Clothes and Loving Yourself As Much As Your Dog Does.

Today I'm dancing in the closet...

Today I’m in my closet talking about the energy of CLOTHES and how they affect your personal magic.

Like for instance: my Willi Smith shift dress from TJ Maxx in 2008. It rocked many fluorescent-lit conference rooms and coffee meetings with clients in DC, but is it really something that I’ll style and wear to the grocery store or drinks with friends or does it just make me feel a little too, well, corporate?

And how about the floral shirt I wore during that one toxic encounter with a manipulative, crazy person? Sure, it’s been dry cleaned. But will it always remind me of that day/person/time in my life?

Clothes hold energy. They can make or break our mood. That’s why in the video today, I’m calling all magic-makers to do a little cleanse of how each piece makes you feel. With a potent new moon coming up this Friday, let’s get refreshed and ready to call in abundance, creative power, love, and fun – because we are WORTHY! Scrubbing your closets is a great place to start.

(And if you’re in Denver this Friday, I’m throwing a party and you’re invited!)

So tune in and tell me below, what pieces are you getting rid of and why?

See you soon!


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