Awaken your magic.


I've noticed a beautiful pattern in my dreams lately.

While I sleep, I've been traveling back to some of the ugliest places in my life. Places of secrets. Faces of judgment. In these scenes, I find myself completely present. I’m standing, waiting, listening, and feeling deeply. Amidst the shadowy emotions of those in the dream, I am not afraid. Sometimes, it’s my words that change the room. Other times, I silently kneel to those who are the loudest and look into their eyes, or put my forehead against theirs. As I meet them where they are, I can feel a great swell of love wash over us. In an instant, tears are shed and truth is seen.

  I took some time to feel each of you today. It was a magical experience in the stillness of my home, before the sun began to rise. Like many of you, I am making new music with my life. I’m sold out, wide eyed, and overflowing...

This morning I awoke from a dream that demanded some attention.

I’ll spare you the cryptic details since interpretations of other’s dreams can be a little mind-numbing (it’s only YOURS that you really care about, right!). However, to paint a picture, I will juggle for you the images that keep popping into my waking mind today: a crowded gym with bad lighting, inappropriate shoes on my feet, a basketball game gone awry, and a bar of soap that was supposed to be used in place of the ball.