Awaken your magic.

Today is designed for your happiness.

You're going to want to start your morning with this...

Today, two of the brightest stars in the sky (that’d be our Sun and Sirius) perfectly make a perfect alignment with our blue planet.

The results? An ultra-powered light-show of cosmic proportion.

The light of the sun will still feel the same.  We won’t get twice as much solar power or be blasted by brightness. But our own light bodies, the energy fields surrounding us will be glistening with extra love today from the heavens.

Today is a day to think about what makes you feel truly alive.

It’s a day to pound your chest and shout, “I’m here, I’m human and I’m willing to be dazzled!!” 

Or, put on your earbuds, walk out your door and press play below. It’s a quick and electrifying meditation to open your heart to the bright light of today.

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