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Miles Davis has this quote:

“Don’t play what’s there; play what’s not there.”

Everything in my life right now – everything – hangs by the energy of those words. As a creative/innovator/seer of potential, I crave a cozy spot in this place of ‘not there’. It’s the way I feel when I walk into a vintage shop and have a whole three hours to play or when I bring home the art I found at that shop and stand before the empty wall in my home.

It’s who I am when I sit with someone who is beginning something brand new and feels like they’re holding the whole world one in hand and a paintbrush in the other. 

Those moments lend a certain kind of high. What will I discover? How will I fill the blank? How will this make the world more beautiful?

I’ve come to learn that to grow, we need a lot of things – pressure, contrast, negative space, love.  But to create? I’m convinced that all we need is a willingness for the flow of soul to do its magic.

This flow is a very functional act (as seen everywhere in the rest of the Universe) but to keep things fun we complicate it with our judgments, doubts and sensitivities to others (i.e. what will it LOOK like?? What if it doesn’t work? What will they SAY?!)

Lately, I’ve tried to make better friends with the flow by noticing where and why I’m clogging up such a natural process as creation. I’ve wanted SO MANY THINGS running my own creative business, but at the end of the day, you know what I’ve discovered to be the highest gift I can give to myself? 

The sweet, sweet purity of my own soul’s expression

Ultimately, I’ve had to fight for it. I had to tune out Facebook, politely decline more mentors, say no to self-help binges. I had to turn down the incessant noise of what everyone else was doing and keep going inside until I was deep enough to listen to what wasn’t there, in the masses, so I could play it my own way. 

It’s this sense of energetic freedom that is the new personality of Magic Carpet Life. Yes, it’s a lifestyle blog – but one with a higher sort of magic in mind, tailored for every person who sees themselves as life artists and keepers of the said flow. Whether you’re a housewife or executive, fashionista or first-grade teacher—I’m designing a space for each of us who, in our own spectacular way, are bringing more fun and freedom to the world through our willingness to work with the higher energies available to us.

My deep-down motivation with every post and every picture is to inspire more life-artists to go into the spaces that others are not willing to go and make beauty with the tension there. 

Can you imagine a world where more and more people are living like that? Wowza. 

And that’s where you come in: I’d love your help in creating this. When you have a few moments and a clear mind, go here and answer a few questions. It would help me know more about who you are, what you’re up to, and what kind of things light you up so we can explore that together.

And as a thank you, for the first 10 people who respond, I’ll offer a 15-minute magic carpet ride, absolutely free. You can go here to read more about what you’ll be getting


Love & inspiration,  

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